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Sometimes the hardest thing is turning around...

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


** We are going up to NWT

The next few days were to be spent in NWT. Exploring that province and giving it's proper respect of the north

But first, I had to go see the heritage museum in Fort Nelson. We left the Shannon motel, wet to the heritage museum and left around 1230. A little later than I wanted. We went north to the Liard hwy. There were a few bison herd. It was magical to stop for them every once in a while.

They look at you as you pass. It's kind of intense

It was raining. But it's ok .

We passed the NWT sign. I took a photo.

Little did I know that this will be the only photo I have.

A few kilometers in. We hit gravel and construction. It was raining, with our new found Dempster gravel skill. I saw Jasper hit a puddle pretty hard, he began to fish tail. I hit the same puddle and did the same.

We went thru two muddy construction patches. The "end of construction" sign appeared. I heard Jasper breath a sigh of relief

However - the gravel road was still wet and slippery. Since I was behind him, I can see his spirit leave his body. He looked tired and wanted to give up.

So our first stop was fort Liard to fill up on gas.

We turned onto a gravel road, I had to drive in front of Jasper - I can't follow him when he's driving that slow. So I took the lead. I could see in my mirrors that he's getting smaller and smaller. A car was behind him, but too polite to pass him

This tiny town, with the rain still had tons of mosquitoes. It was August long weekend - BC day, so none of the food places was open.

As we filled up on gas and was being eaten up my mosquitoes, Jasper and I had a few words.

I decided to google info about the Liard hwy. (I was upset because Jasper usually does that part of the homework) .

It was about a few hundred kilometers in gravel before hitting the junction.

Jasper wanted to turn around. He no longer wanted to ride on the wet gravel and did not want to "white knuckle" though it.

I saw the wet gravel as a challenge. I don't think he felt the same way as I did. I WANTED to go see all the towns, I wanted to see the abandoned town of pine point. The furthest town south of great slave Lake .. I wanted to experience the northwest territories. But I can't do that if Jasper wants to turn back. I felt that I am now just going on a normal paved path - no longer the exploration trip I longed for.

To me it was also symbolic, gravel path means less developed. Paved paths means more developed. So we're just going to keep on the paved path and not see smaller communities.

We drive thru the wet construction again, I'm again in front waiting for Jasper, constantly checking my mirrors to see how he's doing. I'm quiet cause I'm heartbroken.

We go thru the mud and gravel again and he takes the lead on the paved path. We passed two more bison herds. Never again will I see these guys on the trip. The abundance of nature that's just around is magical to me

We head back to the Shannon motel, had Indian food again from northern spice. It was good but I was still angry.

I fell asleep and let Jasper take care of the next four days. I was over it. The exploration and wonder in me was dead. Were just back to being a tourist, riding our gravel tires and killing them on paved roads.

I was upset at Jasper for not wanting to try.

But I realized that his bike is the mt09. It's a sports bike. It's hanging on to dear life.

I just felt that I took so much offroad courses and training to make myself better and to challenge myself but I can't do it when my partner just isn't at par with bike ..

In the end. I realized I love my Africa twin. That bike is pretty nifty so far. I haven't had many issues with it. Except for the size and weight - and my dropping it ... It seems to do me well.

So we head off to Dawson Creek, Hinton and then Edmonton.

Goodbye to the wonderment that is the Northwest Territories.

Until next time, hopefully soon.

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