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hit by a car ...

today is the first day that i'm typing with two hands on my computer.

it really sucks, i still only have use of my index, middle and pinky. im not going to use proper capitalization here, because it hurts.

the only thing i find that helps is my zwift account. At least i can still stay active. Bike with one arm or just sitting up.

Without exercise i wake up in a dark place, but once i get the heart pumping - i feel like i have accomplished something. Earned those sweat points.

Yay zwift.

To think that before the accident i was run training, getting my time back down to 5mins/km. Alas

November 15th, 2022.

The day of my first broken bone and hurt eye. the snow had just started to fall in toronto.

beautiful, a little cold. on my way to work. I had just said to another coworker last week that its great i'm not in a cast this season, and that i can walk freely.

(dropped a butter knife on my left foot, severed a tendon)

note (above) last year cast on my foot , and this year (below) - i was photoshopped in.

i had never really had to quit a show before - but i did cause i coudnt work.

the thought that i rode 25,000+km on my motorcycle this summer and was fine, and i get hit by driving to work.

Or maybe this show is cursed? Who knows.

Even when i got back to town, i rode my bicycle to the studio every day. Any day that it was less than 16km. I would ride. I mean, i have noticed toronto drivers have gotten worse, they try to rush ahead to turn or they just dont see you in the BIKE lane and try to park there. Either or, i was screaming at a lot of drivers.

Thank goodness, on this snowy november day, i was driving in my truck to work.

My first three car collision. The van hits the car i front of them, then swerves into my lane on the bayview extension.

Check out the dash cam!

The first phone calls i made were to my camera team and then i tried to call and replace myself. What a day.

My right eye was swollen shut for two weeks. I did see the opthalmologist and i was still able to see colors - thank goodness.

However, while writing this - i still scare my self with white flashes and moving floaters!

I even thought of what to do if i had to go back to school if i couldnt go back to work =(

ALso learning about what an auto insurance would cover for your physio and what they wont. I decided to get a lawyer because i'm petrified that the injuries to my eye may never be fixed.

You know when you're in a shitty place, and one of the few thimgs that can cheer you up is exercise. but you feel to shity about yourself that you just want to wallow in your own shit instead?

That is me all the time, but if im able to cross one thing off my list - then it makes me feel a little bit more accomplished.

I used to be a busy bee and hop from one flower to another, but now all i want to do is sleep. mnetal self calls me fat and lazy, and im concern i wont be fit enough to run a marathon or ride across canada. I wish i was 100% again

So the only thing that can make me feel bettr is zwift, sweat and my indoor trainer. If the other parts of life can be this easy.

Zwift #zwift my heart away

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