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Day 0: how NOT to travel

You know the day before you travel? You're running around towns doing ALL the errands you procrastinated on... Day 0 of 82 days of riding Canada. Longest trip so far.

And then you leave your backpack on the back of your bike -- not strapped to you or anything.

Ride away in a sketchy part of town, only to realize "I'm so free and my back is not sweaty..SHIT!"

Rode back to the Gerrad/Jarvis area. It was gone

I was hoping from all the good stuff, helping people that maybe karma -- and it'll still be there. I guess I wasn't good enough... Maybe I should stop cheering for Satan.

Who knows. . .

But what I do not is -- ALWAYS keep a valid passport at home. And never keep your SIN card in your wallet. Did you know your sin number never change? Only when it's compromised, do you get a new one! Whoa

Of course, I panicked. Called jasper.

He came down on his scooter -- Gloria magically found me (she's magic).

And we walked searched the area. Nothing

So steps :

-Call and lock all your credit cards ! Get them sent to the location you'll be in 7 business days!

I didn't realize I had so many

-go to service Ontario w a valid piece of ID. Temporary health card and drivers license can be gotten here

-bank cards were weird. They asked for 2 valid pieces of government ID. NOT EXPIRED.

My recently expired PAL was not enough.

But my citizenship card from 1985 was fine. That along w my passport (I was a baby then!)

I panicked - but due to my recent almost drowning experience - this wasn't as bad. And I breathed through it. Why is my brain so forgetful

Anyways - day 1 will go on!

Traveling with all temporary documents !!!

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