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First Annual Blood Drive - Engines for Change

What is Engines for Change?

Copied from their website:

Engines for Change (E4C) is an organization that mobilizes motorcyclists to make a positive difference in the world. We are building a network of organizers across the U.S. who host volunteer events, campaigns, rides and projects related to the causes that matter to us. We also aim to provide trainings and support to others, so that they may be empowered to have a positive impact in their own communities.

But I am in Toronto. I got dragged into this lovely group by my friend Jo.

Jo, Beth and I - we are E4C Toronto. Jo leads, i follow.

Litas Toronto 2020 campout

I met these two wonderful people at a random Litas camping trip in 2020. I dragged my bestie, gloria to a motoX farm. I only knew Cathy. Poor friend Gloria agreed with me, we rode around the track. I made gloria run up hills with me in the morning as the other campers hung out.

But from that camping event, i met a lot of ladies who enjoy motorcycles! Jo and Beth liked motorcycles and they like helping people. Ta Da! Friends.

* * *

L-R: Jo, rany, Beth - photo by Mondo

Cut to a few events, and now something i felt passionate about. (besides food)

I'm a long time blood donor. Jan 07, 2023 would have been my 10th time. It would have been great to celebrate my 10th donations as one of the organizers.

BUT I was denied!

They said my arm is still healing and I may need the 500mL of blood for my own healing.

I got my 10th donation pin, but i feel like a poser.

Because of the people I have met throughout my life, i realized how important it is to give blood. (Yes, the Canadian Blood Services has recently changed their wordings in their questionnaire to be more inclusive for donors.)

Coming up to the day of the blood drive. I was nervous. Constantly checking the team donation page to see if anyone will cancel. Reminding my friends on the list about the event. Afraid that some of our donors will faint.

Being in the motorcycle community is great. Jo and Beth rallied The Litas-Toronto and the PiperDove Scooter Club . We had a great turn out - we got 13 people out, 22 total people signed up for the team but couldn't do it on our day. We got a bunch of first timers, returned donors, and ol' friends; getting together and eating food.

Our contact people, Mattae and Jon the security guard, were pretty nifty too. Bringing out signs for us. It was a great time to be had.

So much so - that E4C said we can make it an annual thing. Hazzah. Blood for all =)

Thanks for everyone who came out. I can't wait to donate again.

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