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Day 1-7: 1 week done - and we're still alive

Day 1 : Toronto to Sudbury - 388km

Day 2 : Sudbury to Manitoulin Island - 201km

Day 3 : Manitoulin to Lake Superior Provincial Park - 302km

Day 4 : Lake Superior Provincial Park to Silver Falls Provincial Park - 617km

Day 5 : Silver Falls Provincial Park to Fort Frances - 341km

Day 6 : Fort Frances to outside of Kenora - 287km

Day 7 : Kenora to Brandon MB - 439km


The ride to Sudbury - we definitely left late due to my lost articles. We went to Mama Ly's to pick up some snackies - then off to Sudbury we went. Got into town at 10pm and shivering. I was freezing. BUT I did well, didn't fall over.


We hung with alpacas and went to a wonderful lunch at Maya's Garden on Manitoulin.

Internet has made finding places so easy. Found a nice RV via AirBNB to stay in.

Look at the awesome hair of the Alpacas! Richard owns the farm, my friend Jo' hooked us up with the tour. Richard has a bunch of alpaca fur in storage, but no labourers to help sort, so it just sits there. There must be some artisanal entrepreneur who would be interested in the raw material, no?

That's a llama, apparently they're the bodyguards.

Day 3

So the first two days were easy. Our first camping day - RAIN and lots of it! Our tent got wet at the bottom, Jasper taught me how to make trenches so water would run away from the tent. Everything was wet - but thank goodness camp stuff dry easily

Day 4

Communication is not good between Jasper and I, we never were good at it. He just expects me to know things and vice versa. Case in point, while pulling up to a gas station I hit him with my bike while he was getting off. He never gets off to put gas in, why now? FOR ME TO HIT HIM, that's why.

Then I dropped my bike in front of everyone. Oh well.

Met another couple from quebec going to the Yukon - but they have to make it in 4 weeks. Geebis we have 82 days.

Day 5

Nature would be great if there were no bugs. Why is this neccesary. My body is covered in bug bites, but because i'm sensitve to them, they've all turned into wart looking items on my skin.

Last night we drove into Silver Falls Provincial Park. I have never been in a park with absolutely no one around. All the trailers on the sites were long term until Oct 10. There were no main entrances to check in. It was errie and full of bugs.


Day 6

Ontario is huge. As Stephanie would say "Long-tario" Geebis, i found out Ontario has two time zones. So we went back in time going over to Fort Frances. A town that was once a papermill town. BUT it's on Rainy Lake. I tried to find souvenirs with Rainy Lake on it. But alas, it didn't work out.

Day 7

Leaving Kenora to head to MANITOBA! We're finally going to get out of Toronto.

I must say though - the "Welcome to Manitoba" sign was a little polar bear. It was kind of uneventful.

All in all,

Dropped my bike 3 times,

Ran over Jasper 1 time

Learning how to U-Turn

-Priceless ...

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