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Day 29 : Cassiar asbestos mine : 1952 - 1993

We stayed at a cute little B&B called "the dog house" at jade city.

JADE CITY: it was a discovery show. "Jade Fever". Man, I love working on docudramas. It allowed me to go to isolated places and live there for awhile and just work and enjoy the people. On Wikipedia - it says in 2015. Jade city had a population of 30 people. I am very attracted to small towns. I just love the history of it all.

Jonas our host was very informative. Provided us a lot of poptarts. My weakness.

In the morning Jasper got his free coffee and as were about to leave, Jonas tells us and an older couple about seeing the view at the abandoned asbestos mine. HELLO!

The fondness of an abandoned town is mystifying. When a town dies - it's usually the cause of the ONE livihood. For example, the Cassiar mine.

It did well for 40 years mining abestos. But when it started its underground mine - the company ran into complications and went bankrupt. When the town's only livelihood goes away. So does the town people.

In the link below :

There are pictures of rowed houses

We went up the mountain to this town today. At the bottom of the road, there were closed gates and signs that read "Cassiar Gold mine". So there is gold or mining in the area.

We saw a handful of delapitated homes close to the road. A part of the road was washed out.

We drove past a huge slag mountain!

And it ended at an important intersection and Scrappy Larry's junk yard.

Jasper and I explored the area a little more. Full of cars from decades to current.

Then as we were exploring - a truck with four horses come up and go through the faded "Active Mine - no trespassing" sign.

I had so many questions. I thought this town was abandoned. I was told that one man lives up here. But this wasn't the guy. I politely waved and they drove on past.

I had so many questions! I have a problem. I am one of those people who would ask soany questions to strangers.

But we had to be on our way - off to the Yukon today!

My first time in this territory. I am so so excited.

Thank you Jonas and jade city

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