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Day 34 : Whitehorse to Dawson City

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I've had my motorcycle license for over 10 years now. I remembered when I bought my cbr125 at the end of my 29th year in October. So I stored it. Come spring time - I went to pick it up but I didn't know how to ride it. Tony from Cyclewerx took me to the back of the lot and gave me a refresher.

I remembered at that moment. I didn't want to be a "noob". I took a bunch of motorcycle mechanic class at Centennial college. Then a bunch of track classes, dirt classes and then a class with my Africa Twin.

I remembered when Lee of Ralley Connex told me I had a lot of energy for a little person. I wanted to learn how to wheelie my AT.

Anyways - back to this adventure.

I think - "Whitehorse to Dawson. That's going to be easy. There are a few burn patches from the forest fires a few weeks ago."

But that's not it.

I was so wrong. I didn't realize there were three majored construction sites. With trucks literally dumping sand to level out the roads.

And it's been raining all morning. It seems like every day we travel. It rains.

So here I am - waiting to follow the pilot car to the end of construction. The driver pulls me and Jasper out front. Tells us about the soft sand, the rain and that how some bikers are not comfortable. So she waved her hand and said follow her. Because she said those things, it made me more anxious than I would have been. I think that I like to stay dumb so I don't have to know what reality could be.

Mud roads. Here we go!

I hope all my training is a success for the Dempster. Geebis.

Dawson city is 40km away from the beginning of the Dempster highway. I saw the sign today. I'm petrified and excited. This is going to be the hardest part of our ride ....

Tomorrow I'm going to release a little air out of the tires for more surface area. Then I realized the AT has gravel AND offroad mode. I'll probably ride in those modes - bring out my off road training and see if I survive.

The bikes are so dirty.

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Aug 10, 2022

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