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i got a big bike

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Fall 2021 - after trying to modify my 2011 Suzuki GSX-R 600 to a bike that i can comfortably ride across canada, i gave up. I got the 2020 Honda Africa Twin Adventure.

I am 160cm. I can barely flat foot on my gsx-r without my big goth boots.

What drew me to the AT was the two seat height and the option of buying an OEM shorter seat.

As the hubby says, as least honda is not sexist and recognizes that there are females who want to ride and not just sit back.

Thanks honda -

I think this AT is now the 5th honda product i own.

I am a honda girl. Jeff Lowe, my former track instructor, used to be my dealer, but with the recent restructuring - he was let go. He has been so helpful and have givens so many awesome advice. It's great to have a guy like him on my side.

Here's his youtube channel

Crash Bars

I would be lying to myself i said i would never drop my bike.

This bike is tall. it's going to be heavy and i am not a competent wheelier (yet)

I looked at three choices

I ended up going with Outer Motortek, because the owner seems to put out a lot of crash videos. There's easy installations and their dealer is in ontario and there is cheap shipping fees. I got the ULTIMATE package:

Engine Guard

Upper Guard

Skid Plate

One thing about me is that i hate paying for delivery and shipping fees. The asian cheapness is ingrained in me as an immigrant.

I will also try to get the Hepco and Becker handguards

Sure i'm adding so much more weight onto this bike. BUT i know how i ride, and i know how many times i've dropped my dirtbike. or thought i could clear some trees.

Centre Stand

I will be traveling and parking on random terrains.

I got the Outer Motortek centre stand so that i know everything will fit together.

There also was not a local honda OEM dealer around me.

Updated: I still can't put the bike on the center stand so I got a cameltoe for my kickstand :(

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