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That dramatic beat before commercial break

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

My background : my first dip into the film and tv world was in docudrama/ reality tv. Every episode needed something dramatic to cut to a commercial break. If it's not there. We have to find it!

This is my dramatic beat.

This trip was going way too well.

Jasper started coughing and having "cold symptoms" but was testing negative until we reached Alberta.

Now he's positive. I am still waiting to see when I become positive.

We switched our accommodations from park camping to expensive hotel. Everything in Banff is expensive. As we watch the mountains outside our expensive room - thinking what a nice view that we can't partake in.

Its currently 4degrees in Banff. I guess that would have been too cold for a sick person.

Now we stay ... Waiting for the story to work itself out


Two days later - I thought I could run away from it. But it got me too.

The first real night just sleeping it off. It was such a cold / hot sleep.

Covid sucks and to think I'm triple vaxxed.

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