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The Fragility of the North

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

While we prep and start heading west towards BC. I realized that I'm a very city person. Basically spent all my life in a big city - so whatever I needed - it was available. I just have to walk to the store.

As I prep to head north to Yukon. First I hear that the road north of Coal River to Whitehorse has been washed out. I think - I'm not there until the end of the month - so the road should be usable by the time.

As of July 11th - there is one lane open to head to and from Coal River, BC.

I get a text message from my friend Jessica last night saying that there are many fires between Whitehorse and Dawson city.

"No way" I think. I pulled up the Google and yep - at Stewart crossing there's a bunch of fires. The roads were closed but also down to one lane.

So there are two Canadian ways to enter the Yukon. To me, it seems like these roads are obstructed.

No wonder all webpages that advise newbies who travel north say that one should pack for the unexpected.

It feels like this arctic ocean saga will be the hardest part of our trip.

I'm very excited and nervous


I love how technology helps with trip planning.

Road conditions found here

And also on the Dempster there are webcams along the Yukon part.

Just hit the camera icon on the map!

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